Wednesday, November 14, 2012

do you love winter or summer more?

"The energy that accrues around messages is extraordinary, mystical, immeasurable."

~ Carolyn See

All day I've been thinking about what to say about this ice caught in the tree and which by now is melted and gone.

"Do you love winter or summer more?
You may have whichever you like,
winter for you, summer for me.

Rose and thorn are equal here.
One contracts into itself with a wound.
One opens out and luxuriates."

~ Rumi

In summer, I might say I love it more, but in winter, I love the snow that turns to ice in trees and hangs like a diamond for a day, profound message - mystical, immeasurable, and then melts.


  1. Such an exceptional poet you are, Shawna, in so many ways.
    With only a few sentences and such well chosen words, you reach deeply into the unsayable depth of beauty this world offers. And of course, your photos are wordless poetry. Your blog is a glorious mix of words and sights.
    I appreciate how you connect your own thoughts with those of others. You are so generous to us.

  2. There is ballet in the branches . . .


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